iPhone Destroyed

Coming Soon! An article about Getting Our Heads Out of Our Devices. We’ll take a look at Steve Jobs’ original vision for smartphones in general and the Apple iPhone in particular. Guaranteed to give you license for taking a break from the preeminent Debilitating Distraction of our time!

Daniel J Klein has a passion for consideration, whether it's to directly benefit someone or something, or to improve himself. According to NPS customer satisfaction surveys (Net Promoter Surveys) and management reviews, his almost ten years as one of Apple's top trainers testifies to his level of commitment to helping others in the way *they* need helping. From some recent recommendations: "His integrity is something that can only be matched by the outstanding outcome of your next project." "He is always more than happy to go beyond his job description, never failing to give 110%" "A class guy with a heart of gold, a rare talent to be sure..."

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