“A person’s level of contentment
can often be gauged by how long
their smile lingers.”

Paul Neuman's smile lingers long.
Paul Neuman’s smile lingers long – a testament to his level of contentment.

What in the world would cause me to contemplate writing a book about how to be more considerate?

It’s not like there’s not been a huge movement to “perform random acts of kindness” or that the “Secret” to life hasn’t been awarded cult status.

But yet, in this digital age, there is a large segment of our population afflicted by the “closing in” on ourselves. This is a literal phenomenon as well as figurative. When you see people of all ages “huddled-in” to themselves, smartphone in hands, shoulders slumped forward and attention all-consumed to the world within that small screen, what consideration can they have for what’s going on around them?

I want to help others – help you – and help myself to become more considerate people. It just seems that if we were to wake up more to our surroundings; to each other; to whatever we apply our attention to, we will live life more fully. We will continually be a benefit to others.

While they are monumentally successful, we want to go beyond the need for a list of “acts of kindness” we can refer to if we feel the need to seek out those opportunities. The aim of this blog and subsequent book is to strengthen the psychological and spiritual muscles that will foster an innate awareness to automatically consider basically everything you do.

With the ubiquity of digital data and internet and the personal devices to access it, we have developed an insatiable appetite for more knowledge, more data, more input… So much so that we have forgotten what’s in the real world around us.

How do we get our head out of our devices and back into the Game of Life? All we have to do is focus on what’s in front of us.

What if we analyzed our journey through throughout our day? What opportunities could we discover that might enhance our powers of observation? Could we become more efficient in rote tasks? What might we learn about the immediate world around us? Whose life might we make better – or even save?

I’ll attempt to answer these questions as well as covering the Mechanics of Consideration for this journey later on.

I want to help open up your world to more possibility, more contribution, more engagement, more choices (and even less choices!), more Grace, and more living life to its fullest.

And in the process, I believe that you’ll also experience more innovation, creativity, invention, productivity, and empathy!

You’ll discover that becoming a more considerate person is easier than you may think and has untold benefits for you, the people in your life, our world around us, and will also benefit the human race in general.

It all begins with a very small sacrifice of Ten Seconds or Less of your life…