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What’s Your Sign?

No, not an Astrology Sign. But what if you were going to put one of those vinyl stickers on your car or vehicle advertising your company or business, what would you advertise? Or in Multipotentialite terms, *which one* would you advertise? This is what I’m wrestling with at this hour on this day (says a lot, hey?).

Las Vegas – When There Was No Time To Consider

When the shooting in Las Vegas started, taking Ten Seconds To Consider was not an option. 1st responders, Heros, Loved Ones, Performers, Security, Music Lovers of all races, genders, ages, and yes, political persuasions – all were robbed of any opportunity to deliberate; to plan; to act out of choice. They could simply react. Or paralyzed by fear and shock, do nothing. Or fall dead or injured.
But yet, there were many individuals who, by Grace and election, possessed the wherewithal to move – to get to their feet and move in the direction of victims and away from possible safety…