Here’s where you come in should you choose to help with any or all of what I need your help with:

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  1. Endorsements
  • First and Foremost, I need endorsements. If you don't have the time to do anything else, I would ask that you click the link above and below to send me your endorsement. If you feel you can comfortably write something that testifies to any kind of quality akin to me being a Considerate person or otherwise qualified to write the book, I need to have that to add street cred. If you do choose to write something, feel free to be as effuse as you are comfortable in doing. Go for it!
  • My time with Apple will be a big selling credential that I will try to capitalize on. I’ve already begun with a LinkedIn article I published that has had nearly 4000 views and over 200 likes.
  1. Constructive Design, Layout, and Content Criticism.
  • I’ve come to realize that I’m only a mediocre designer. That’s okay. I don’t have to be great at it anymore. So I am open and hopin’ (sic) to getting some great feedback on the design of the three points of marketing contact and content:
    • Facebook Page: Design, Colors, Layout, Follows, Page Likes, Links, etc.
    • Ten2Consider Blog: Design, Colors, Layout, Follows, Likes, Links.
    • Twitter Account Page: Design, Colors, Layout, Follows, Likes, Links.

It was recommended that I make use of my Coffee House Blog site since it’s going to be utilized for all sorts of writing. I will feature, have a separate page for, and categorize by Ten Seconds To Consider posts.

  1. Link and Article Sharing.
  • Active Following, Shares, Likes, and Links of my posts, tweets, and articles however you can to build readership and audience. This is crucial to landing a good publisher these days. I am following what most of the authors and publishers are saying about establishing an “Author’s Platform”.
  1. Kickstarter Campaign Advice (coming soon!)
  • I need to launch a Kickstarter campaign as soon as possible to fund me being able to take the next 3-5 months to finish and launch the first book. I will use the testimonials, the book chapter outline, and some nifty animated-type videos to present the campaign on Kickstarter. I'll let you know when I begin.
  • Check out The Zen Habits Book project - Earned over $240,000 on a goal of about $44,000!
  1. Editing (coming soon!)
  • This is where the most crucial and intimate help will come in. Editorial criticism and suggestions are needed ongoing and if you can hang in through this phase, those who choose to help with this will be the heroes for sure!
  • If you'd like, you'll be able to make comments on any part of the book as well as collaborate with and view others' comments via an iCloud link to the document!

Please CLICK on any Title below to read more and/or submit your comments – especially SEND YOUR ENDORSEMENT.


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Mind Map

Click the Title or below for an interactive, detailed OUTLINE of the whole project which includes the book, blog, social media, public speaking, and more! Still in-progress, feedback still welcome!

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Book Chapters

Click the Title or below for a detailed Chapter Listing and Book Outline. Includes the book INTRODUCTION. First Chapter is on it's way!

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My Promise...

Click the Title or below for my Promise and Commitment to you, my readers, and myself. As General George Patton put it, "All a man has, is his word."

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Links Galore!

Click the Title or below for Links to the Ten2Consider for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts as well as the Kickstarter page coming soon!

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More Endorsements!

Click the Title or below to read endorsements by other supporters that have been received. Great material for you to one-up them with your own glowing endorsement. 🙂

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Liking, Linking, and Sharing

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OTHER LINKS:   My Personal Essay Blog I'm just now getting back to after years away. Might be fun reading! Also, great for me to have you link to it, share on your pages, etc. I will be cross-posting between Ten2Consider and CoffeeHouseBlog.    COMING SOON! Right now, though, CLICK on the ICON to view a book in the category similar to what I will launch for Ten2Consider.

My Promise...

I Promise:

•I will not bug anyone about any of these requests, even if you offer and then find you can't come through on that offer. 

•I will not complain or be combative regarding advice or input that’s offered or not offered.

•I will not ask for financial assistance.

For my part, I will:

•Follow through on this project to the best of my ability.

•Ensure that all content is of the highest quality and integrity.

•Do whatever it takes to meet all deadlines and project completion.

•Choose judiciously to accept or not accept suggestions and input. So please don’t be offended if I don’t add a Teddy Bear to the logo, or include pictures of puppies (no matter how cute!) in my posts.

If you can’t or just are not comfortable committing, please don't feel guilty. I will not be offended or feel anything less of you and will instead applaud you for being honest!

Thanks for you time and the well-more-than Ten Seconds To Consider this request!